Why Vegcurious?

/vedʒ kjʊərɪəs/
Adjective: vegcurious

Exhibiting an above average curiosity and inquisitiveness about buy Apple shares vegetables

Proclivity to experimentation and trying new eating choices (particularly where it comes to eating vegetables in new ways), but not necessarily ready to commit

As in: ‘all his mates gave him stick for ordering a veggie burger, but he scoffed at their conservatism by retorting: “Leave it out, lads, I’m just a bit… vegcurious”.’

Let’s face it. Most of us Brits don’t know that much about preparing vegetables to eat. Aside from the tomato (not even a vegetable) and potato we struggle to know what to do with them. It might seem like a good idea to ‘eat veg’ once in a while but beyond salads, appetizing meals can seem like a mission…, so might as well stick to meat!

Meat has become associated in our imagination with ‘red blooded’ and assertive masculinity. At the same time, many men still harbor false beliefs or myths about veg. They cannot form a staple diet, they don’t provide enough protein, that they’re, ....... we might as well come out and say it: they’re basically, ‘less manly’.

And that’s the beauty of vegcurious. We’re not even asking anyone to give up meat. We’re committed to showing how Apple shares price veg can be to inspire a new generation of men to be more daring about eating choices by actively exploring their more vegcurious side.

Vegcurious does not mean becoming vegetarian. We don’t expect you to commit to a stable relationship with a radish! But we will be encouraging trysting with turnips, getting cheeky with chard or chickpeas, quickies with quinoa, intrigue with endives and some louche liaisons with leeks and legumes...

So come out and join us and declare your vegcuriosity.

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Celebrated chef Bruno Loubet
getting onboard with vegcurious

If you think you might be vegcurious, we’ve devised this how to invest in Apple shares short checklist to help you:

  • Do you feel comfortable in the presence of bare vegetables?
  • Have you ever been too embarrassed order a vegetarian meal?
  • Are you sometimes confused at your mates’ passion for saveloy?
  • Do you sometimes fancy the mash and cabbage more than the roast?
  • Are you confused at your continual obsession with the aubergine emoticon?

Vegcurious Grub

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We are vegcurious

Vegcurious is a social movement set up by the Eating Better Alliance and creative affiliates and launched on The Drum's Do It Day to encourage men to discover the amazing taste and nutritional possibilities of vegetables. We are committed to getting men to reappraise their view of vegetables and what it means to be a man who eats more veg.

As a team, we are mostly omnivores, but all of us are passionate about vegetables, and we believe that educating people about all the quick and easy ways they can consume vegetables, at home or when they eat out, we can help their health and well being; and help the planet to boot.